Video & Presentations

  • An Introduction to high volume fracing on clustered, multi-well pads with long laterals: a lecture by Dr. Ingraffea, Cornell University and Physicians, Scientists, and Engeineers for Sustainable and Healthy Energy, Nov. 2012:
  • A series of lectures and interviews on shale gas extraction methods, engineering, human and animal health impacts, fundamental chemical toxicology, and intersection with climate change are available at the Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy You Tube channel:
  • Presentation by the St. Lawrence Coalition Delivered at Port au Port Fracking Awareness Forum in April 2013: Impacts of oil exploration West Coast of Newfoundland
  • Lecture by Dr. Cleary, Chief Medical Officer, New Brunswick, on the public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing: 
  • Intersection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Climate Change, A video posted by Physicians Scientists &  for Healthy Energy: 
  • See aerial footage of what an exploratory drill pad looks like.  How would industrial sites like these impact rural Newfoundland, including the province’s high value tourism assets?
  • Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing: 
  • Interview with Jessica Ernst – The Consequences of Fracking: 
  • Presentation delivered by Jessica Ernst at People’s Forum on Fracking, Stephenville Newfoundland, Sept. 22, 2013:
  • Triple Divide : A documentary film based on 18 months of investigative journalism “seeking truth about the impact of fracking.”  The film features interviews with industry, advocates, landowners, and experts. (sourced July 2013 from )
  • Meet the Hawkwoods. Alberta ranchers discuss their experience with high pressure, horizontal hydraulic fracking and the resulting impacts to water quality, air quality, human health, livestock health, land, and their home.  More than 70 wells, with multi-well pads, are being drilled near their ranch.  They discuss flaring of gas and well effluent, fracking chemicals used, and the underlying geology in which faults can provide pathways for chemicals to enter aquifers.  100s of new wells are planned in the next few years:
  • Views on Fracking from Newfoundland:
  • Short video describes how citizens of Dryden NY responded to industry proposals, and how neigbours and strangers came together to petition local government to ban fracking. More than 170 towns across NY have joined Dryden and banned fracking. The court case goes to to NY’s highest court in spring 2014.


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